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WrestleMania 37 Night 2 results: Roman Reigns retains, three other titles change hands

Roman Reigns successfully defended his title at WrestleMania 37 while Big E, Riddle and Asuka all came up short.
11:15 PM ET

Results from the first night of WrestleMania 37 can be found here.

Daniel Bryan and Edge had seemingly career-ending injuries and offered retirement speeches in the ring to commemorate their careers. Roman Reigns walked away from the WWE in 2018 with the second leukemia diagnosis of his life, uncertain of his future.

The fact that Sunday's WrestleMania 37 main event between those three men even happened is incredible. What Reigns, Edge and Bryan did with that opportunity was even more so.

Reigns walked out of Tampa's Raymond James Stadium with his Universal championship intact, but each of the match's three participants had a moment in which the audience was surely convinced they would walk out as the champion. The match lived up to every bit of expectation, as Reigns, Bryan and Edge put it all on the line and marked career highlights for each man in the process.

If there was a single question mark about this match coming in, it was about the potential overutilization of Reigns' cousin Jey Uso, who has been involved in every one of Reigns' title matches over the past few months. His presence was felt from the start, with superkicks on both Bryan and Edge, but Edge neutralized Uso in short order with a DDT on top of steel steps, which got Uso escorted from ringside in pain.

All three participants in this match brought the intensity, but Edge injected a chaotic, frenetic energy of desperation that drove him and kept him moving at an increasingly violent clip from start to finish.

Reigns, who had some dominant performances early in his title reign, has taken more and more damage each time out, casting slightly more doubt about his continuing title reign with each defense. He crumpled when he and Edge both went for a spear at the same time and collided in the middle of the ring, and he rarely got off the defensive for most of the match from there on out.

Everyone was sharp. Bryan landed flying head-butts on Edge and Reigns, followed by rotating yes kicks. Reigns barely pushed himself out of the line of fire by putting Edge directly in line with Bryan's running knee.

Bryan had his best chance to win when he slapped a Yes Lock on Reigns, immediately calling back to Reigns' unrecognized tap-out at Fastlane that got Bryan added to this match in the first place. Bryan cranked it back hard on Reigns. Edge flew in and broke it up, to save the match for himself. Bryan then locked the Yes Lock in on Edge and cranked way back. Then Reigns saved the matchup for himself in return.

Reigns fought his way back to his feet and powerbombed Bryan twice -- once onto Edge, and then again from a standing position on steel stairs, through the commentary table. In a moment of celebration, Reigns turned his head away just long enough for Edge to get a running start and spear Reigns out of his boots, off the top of the stairs and to the ground.

In a moment that will forever be replayed in WrestleMania highlights, Edge put Reigns in a Crossface, and placed a piece of a broken chair through Reigns' open mouth for additional leverage. Reigns was about to tap, but Bryan caught his hand from hitting the mat. Bryan briefly locked in a simultaneous submission on Reigns, but then he and Edge exchanged head-butts back and forth and Reigns was released.

Bryan started his "Yes!" chants to pump up the crowd as he lined up Edge for a running knee, but Edge crumpled Bryan with a spear instead. Reigns went for a Superman punch and missed, Edge speared Reigns, and just as It looked like Edge had won, Bryan pulled the referee out of the ring as he was bringing his arm down for the three count.

An apoplectic Edge brought three chairs into the ring. After battering both of his opponents, Edge placed one each under the heads of Bryan and Reigns. He smashed Bryan's head between the two chairs for a Con-Chair-To, but as he turned toward Reigns, Uso charged back into the picture. Uso was quickly neutralized again with a spear and some more chair shots, but Reigns used the distraction to spear Edge.

Roman Reigns pinned both Daniel Bryan and Edge to retain the WWE Universal championship at WrestleMania 37. @WWE

Reigns flipped the script with a Con-Chair-To to Edge, stacked Edge on top of Bryan and pinned both men to close out the show.

What's next: It's hard to have a more definitive victory than pinning both of your opponents in a triple threat match. If there's some roster shuffling, Reigns is well positioned for something fresh and new. Bryan and Edge can certainly get into it with one another, but until someone finds a way to neutralize Jey Uso, neither of them has a realistic chance of beating Reigns anytime soon.

Raw women's championship: Rhea Ripley def. Asuka (c)
Rhea Ripley became the Raw women's champion with a victory over Asuka at WrestleMania 37. WWE

Both nights of WrestleMania 37 sent a clear message, at least when it comes to the women's singles picture on both Raw and SmackDown: it's a new era.

After Bianca Belair defeated Sasha Banks on Night 1 to win the SmackDown women's championship, Rhea Ripley similarly thrust herself into the spotlight by defeating Asuka to win the Raw women's championship on Sunday.

With two opponents that had never been in the ring with one another, few knew what to expect in terms of how the match would play out, but expectations were nonetheless high.

Ripley imposed her size advantage early, absorbing a lot of early offense from Asuka and shaking it off with kicks and strikes of her own. Ripley slowed the action down briefly by locking in body scissors on the ground, using that advantage to slap Asuka around the head to clearly establish an edge to those in the audience unfamiliar to Ripley.

There were counters aplenty throughout the match, as Asuka slid seamlessly into an ankle lock with body scissors, only for Ripley to transition into a deadlift German suplex.

Asuka and Ripley's movesets played well off one another, as they exchanged release German suplexes and dropkicks. Asuka hit a particularly impressive spinning backfist, backfist, spinning wheel kick combination to send Ripley reeling and prone, setting her up perfectly for a flying hip attack to a kneeling Ripley.


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