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USMNT embrace the chaos to take down Mexico in historic Nations League victory

USMNT embrace the chaos to take down Mexico in historic Nations League victory

An up-and-coming United States won the inaugural CONCACAF title against their bitter rivals after a breath-taking game which had everything

Someday, years from now, there may be a time when we look back at the moment the young U.S. men's national team (USMNT) grew up.

We'll look at the turning point when a team of potential talents became a team of winners. We'll look back at a game that was, in some ways, unexplainable, but one that showed that this group had the heart and soul to match their seemingly limitless potential.

That day may have been Sunday and that moment may just have been the one when Christian Pulisic raised the CONCACAF Nations League trophy high above his head.

As Pulisic let out a scream, as confetti poured and fireworks exploded around him, as the U.S. celebrated their triumph following a pure street fight with their fiercest rivals, the moment was clear for all to see: this was the night that the kids stopped being kids and became champions.

Pulisic and the USMNT got their hands on what was, for most of the team's young core, their first international trophy and, if all goes to plan, it won't be their last. On Sunday, they out-brawled and outlasted rivals Mexico, winning a 120-minute dogfight 3-2 in a game that had everything you could ask for and plenty of things you wouldn't.

It had choke-holds and melees. It had momentum-shifting goals and a heroic penalty save from a back-up goalkeeper. There was a stoppage for a homophobic slur, projectiles thrown from the stands and streakers. The good, the bad and the ugly, they were all on display.

When it came to the action on the field, though, this was old school USMNT grit mixed with new talent. For years, this group has been criticised for failing to merge their ability with the heart and fight that defined the program.

No longer. In addition to all of their promise and despite all of their self-inflicted mistakes, this USMNT finally showed that it also has it, whatever it is.


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