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Tesla Stock to $1000?

What is your favorite Stock in the Market right now?
Mine is without a doubt Tesla!

Tesla Stock is doing so unbelievable well that we all got something Very special: Elon Musk dancing in Shanghai...

Why? Maybe because Tesla went up nearly $500 per share.

Do you remember my Tesla Stock Analysis for the 2020\'s? (If not ▶️

Tesla was and still is very high on my List of Stocks that totally Crush it in the Future!
They are ahead on schedule and continue opening new Factorys all over the world!

But that is not the only reason why Tesla, its Stockholders and Elon Musk himself can be very happy right now! Hear my investing strategy on TSLA stock for 2020 and beyond!

What else could it be? That\'s what today\'s Video is all about!

Have you made some Profits with the Tesla Stock News in the last few days and weeks?

Tell me about it in the Comme
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