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Will 'Slime Rancher 2' Have Multiplayer? Here's What to Know

'Slime Rancher 2' goes into beta today, causing fans to ask if they'll get co-op multiplayer in addition to the new biome to farm slimes in.

Slime Rancher is back and ready to send players out into the world to look for and suck up some slime for ranching. Slime Rancher 2 promises to bring a whole gaggle of new slimes to suck up and send to your ranch.

After the success of the first Slime Rancher, fans were enthralled with the game's tight loop of exploration and catching slime within the game's conservatory. Slime Rancher focuses on sending players out into the game world to to catch various colors and types of slimes to then bring back to their farm to care for.

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