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Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Portfolio | AT&T

The breakthrough camera transforms how you capture your world. Take multiple images and video at once with Single Take AI, and zoom in close from afar or magnify details of something nearby with Space Zoom. Plus, you can capture brilliant photos at night with Bright Night and snap a high resolution still while shooting 8K video. For more information visit:

Limited AT&T 5G and 5G+ availability. May not be available in your area. For a list of current AT&T 5G and 5G+ markets visit

AT&T 5G is available in parts of: Birmingham, AL, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, CA; Bridgeport, CT; Washington, D.C.; Indianapolis, IN; Louisville, KY; Boston, MA; Baltimore, MD; Detroit, MI; Las Vegas, NV; Buffalo, New York, Rochester, NY; Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, PA; Providence, RI; Milwaukee, WI.

AT&T 5G+ is available in select areas within: Phoenix, AZ; Los Angeles, Menlo Park, Oakland, Redwo
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