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Neil Gaiman Accused of Sexual Assault, Author Denies Allegations

Neil Gaiman Accused of Sexual Assault Author Denies Allegations
Author Neil Gaiman has responded following accusations of sexual assault.

Acclaimed author Neil Gaiman is facing multiple allegations of sexual assault, making him the subject of a police complaint in New Zealand. Gaiman has offered a response as well, refuting the accusations.

Per Tortoise Media, two women have accused Gaiman of sexual assault while in consensual relationships with the author. The allegations go back two decades, but they were first reported on in Tortoise's podcast Master: the allegations against Neil Gaiman, which was released on Wednesday. The women describe allegations of "rough and degrading sex," alleging that these instances were not always consensual.

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One of the two accusers, a 23-year-old woman named Scarlett, claims she was sexually assaulted in February 2022 just hours after first meeting Gaiman. According to Scarlett, the assault happened in a bath at Gaiman's New Zealand home where she was hired to work as a nanny for his child. Gaiman says that the two merely "cuddled" and "made out" that day, adding that a three-week sexual relationship ensued, but was entirely consensual. Scarlett insists that Gaiman was "rough and degrading," and reportedly, messages, notes, and accounts from friends support her allegations.

Another accuser, identifying herself as K, says she was an 18-year-old fan when she first met Gaiman at a book signing in Sarasota, Florida, in 2003. K claims that she began a romantic relationship with Gaiman after she turned 20, resulting in engaging in rough sex that she "neither wanted nor enjoyed." It's alleged that one particular incident saw Gaimain forcefully penetrating K despite her objections.

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Gaiman has denied this claim as well. The Sandman author maintains that his relationship with K was never unlawful and that he's "disturbed" to be accused of such behavior. According to Gaiman, K's allegations stem from "regret" over the relationship she had when it was over. He also attributed Scarlett's allegations to a condition she has that's associated with false memories, but the Tortoise report noted that this isn't supported by the accuser's medical records.

Neil Gaiman Strongly Denies All Allegations

Additionally, Gaiman has strongly denied all allegations of non-consensual sex at any time with the women accusing him of sexual assault. He also claimed that New Zealand police ignored his offer for assistance with one woman's complaint in 2022, suggesting that shows a lack of substance in the investigation. New Zealand officers have responded by saying they made a "number of attempts to speak to key people as part of this investigation and those efforts remain ongoing​​​​​​​." It was added that there are "a number of factors to take into consideration with this case, including location of all parties.”

Gaiman has long been one of pop culture's most revered authors, bringing to life acclaimed stories like The Sandman, Good Omens, and American Gods. Just recently, Netflix has been promoting the upcoming second season of The Sandman, which is based on Gaiman's source material; he also executive produces the series.

Source: Tortoise Media

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