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Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal live updates: Predictions, how to watch ...

Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal live updates Predictions how to watch
Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal will fight for the first time since November 2019, when they faced off in UFC. Follow along for updates from their fight.

Will the fight be as entertaining as the brawl?

Nate Diaz’s team and Jorge Masvidal’s team threw down during a news conference June 6 in Anaheim, California, site of the actual boxing match – a light-heavyweight bout scheduled for 10 rounds Saturday night at the Honda Center.

"Now, on a personal level, yeah, I don’t like this dude at all, for what happened with my coach and (expletive)," Masvidal said of the brawl. "But we’ll figure it out July 6 when we get in there."

It will be about more than the brawl.

In November 2019, Diaz and Masvidal squared off for UFC’s original BMF. Masvidal emerged the victor after the doctor stopped the fight in the third round, when Diaz suffered a cut over his right eye. But Masvidal was dominating the night – the oddsmakers have installed him as a favorite for this rematch.

Follow along for live updates for the Diaz-Masvidal fight and undercard.

PPV on Fanmio, DAZN and UFC Fight Pass. Fee is $49.99. 

Boxing: 0-1. MMA: 22-13. 

MMA: 35-17 with 16 KOs. Boxing: 1-0. 

The Diaz-Masvidal fight takes place today, July 6.

The main card for Saturday's fight starts at 6 p.m. ET.

Saturday's fight will take place at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. 

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Anthony Pettis vs. Chris Avila, light heavyweight 

Sean Garcia vs. Amado Vargas, lightweight 

Devin Cushing vs. Manny Correa, lightweight

Diaz is 39. Masvidal also is 39. 

Jorge Masvidal height, weight

170 pounds, 5-11 

Masvidal is stewing over the brawl between his team and Diaz’s team at a June 6 press conference. “It went from boxing setting to kill setting,” he said of the incident. “That’s all I want to do is I want to hurt this dude bad.” 

Daniel Cormier, former UFC heavyweight champion: “Even in the mixed martial arts fight, we kind of had the idea that Masvidal would be the better striker. Nate was the better wrestler, the better grappler, and Masvidal dominated that. So now you’re telling me you’re gonna now limit Nate Diaz to fighting Jorge in the only area that we felt that he held the advantage going into fight one? Yeah, I don’t anticipate it going very well for my boy Nate Diaz.’’

Michael Bisping, former UFC middleweight champion: “I’ve got Masvidal winning this one. He won the first one. The first one was kind of a beatdown. Yeah, it was stopped with a cut, but the cut came because Masvidal was all over him. He was faster, he was more powerful, and he was more technical, and I do not see much changing.”

Josh Peter, USA TODAY Sports: Nate Diaz’s uninspiring performance against Jake Paul that ended in a unanimous decision loss was proof he’s unfit for the boxing ring. Masvidal is going to prove it again. Prediction: Masvidal by TKO, 8th round.

Get-in tickets were $60 this week on StubHub, which listed tickets listed for as much as $533. 

Diaz’s team and Masvidal’s team brawled during a June 6 press conference in Anaheim, Calif. Diaz sidestepped the melee.

22-13 with 5 KOs.

DraftKings: Masvidal -255 favorite, +200 Diaz underdog

FanDuel: Masvidal -270, Diaz +210

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