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On Muhammad Ali Day, a Q&A with his daughter, Khaliah Ali: 'I just loved the moments I had alone with him'

The 48-year-old designer, author and co-chair of a campaign for the National Public Housing Museum in Chicago, is the fifth of Muhammad Ali’s nine children.

A: Islam, No. 1, was one of his great connections to Chicago. Religiously, a lot of his leaders, people from his Islamic community, were based in Chicago. My father also had a farmhouse just outside of Chicago — it was Al Capone’s old farm — in Berrien Springs, Michigan — so I have memories of living there as a very young child, and as a teen, I’d spent some of my summers there, or when I’d visit my father and my stepmother, Lonnie. Chicago was never far away, so we always made the trip in. For me, Chicago is a little bit of home as well, which is one of the reasons working with the National Public Housing Museum was so significant for me. My father classically is not identified with Chicago, but if you take a look at history, Chicago is a huge piece of him and his heart.

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