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Lakers Back to Their Old Ways with a Win over Denver

The Lakers stay strong in the 4th quarter to grab the victory against the Nuggets.

No LeBron James and no Dennis Schröder presented the Lakers with yet another obstacle this season as it pertains to their starting lineup. Coach Frank Vogel relied on the depth of his team, and the coaching decision paid off as the Purple and Gold crew beat Denver 93-89.

The win could best be described as an all-out team effort. There was no shortage of energy from any Laker on the floor. In fact, the only areas in which the team outperformed Denver was defensively and from beyond the arc. The Lakers shot 43% compared to the Nuggets 25%. So, while Denver controlled most aspects of the game the Lakers simply played with more heart.

A Monsta’ effort.

(: @SpectrumSN)

— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) May 4, 2021

Anthony Davis (25 pts, 7 reb, 3 blk) looked like himself out there tonight. The Brow brought some fire and was charging the guys with bursts of vigor on both sides of the ball. AD went 9-for-19 from the field and even notched a triple. After yesterday's loss to Toronto, AD spoke postgame about the team's need to find their groove. He made sure he walked the walk tonight, he was the first and last player grooving on the floor. With mere seconds left in the game, Davis went up and denied a three from Facundo Campazzo (8 pts, 8 ast). The Brow refused to stop until the final whistle when the game was in his hands.

AD seals it!

— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) May 4, 2021

Another contributor from the big department was Marc Gasol (10 pts, 7 reb). Marc or as he's calling himself, The Wolf, (from the film Pulp Fiction) did just what The Wolf had done for Marsellus Wallace's crew— alright not exactly. But Marc did come into the game tonight, and galvanized his teammates. He picked up the slack, controlled what he could control, and cleaned up the game quite a bit. Marc was also 3-for-4 from the arc and flexed his court vision and passing proficiency with a 40-yarder from the backcourt.

Missiles on missiles on missiles.

— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) May 4, 2021

And in other news, it was Alex Caruso (11 pts, 5 reb) and fellow South Bay Lakers alum Talen Horton-Tucker (10 pts) that brought a spicy flair to tonight's game. Talen hit the dagger basket at the end and AC played strict defense from the tip to his 28th minute. These two are prime examples of the team's depth and overall tough mindset.

Young Gun can close.

— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) May 4, 2021

The Lake Show's three-game losing streak has been tough on everyone, but tonight was proof: they may have been down, but they're not out. The guys have a hard road to the postseason lined with strong teams and some back-to-back play, but the defending champs continue to send the message that they're the right guys for the job.

Be back on Thursday against the Clippers.

See y’all Thursday.

— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) May 4, 2021
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