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Tristan Thompson's worst betrayals of Khloe Kardashian amid pregnancy rumours

It's rumoured that Khloe is expecting her second child with ex Tristan as they isolate together - but he's put her through so many awful things in the past

Khloe Kardashian 's devoted fans are hoping the rumours that she's expecting another child with Tristan Thompson aren't true.

People have been predicting she's pregnant because she's been cropping her tummy out of any recent pictures she's posted on Instagram.

She was seen on the latest season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians going through the process of freezing her eggs, and Tristan agreeing to donate sperm so she could fertilise them.

And now that they're isolating together with their two-year-old daughter, True, speculation that Khloe is expecting another baby with basketball player Tristan is rife.

But if it's true, her fans are angry that she's giving him another chance after everything he's put her through.

Khloe and Tristan share daughter True (Image: Tristan Thompson/Instagram)
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Here's a rundown of Tristan's worst betrayals of Khloe...

Cheating scandal that sent Khloe into labour

When Khloe was nine months pregnant with True, her world was thrown into turmoil when footage of him cheating on her emerged online.

He was captured on video by fellow clubbers kissing another woman and chatting with her intensely.

Other videos quickly surfaced, showing Tristan sat with two women, with one of them caressing him and kissing him.

He was also seen entering a hotel with a dark-haired woman, who he had reportedly been messaging on Instagram.

Her pregnancy ended in torment when Tristan cheated on her (Image: Instagram)
Kim wasn't happy to see him in the delivery room (Image: E!)

She reportedly shared a string of the messages as well as a video of them together before deleting her post.

It seems that the stress of the situation was so severe that it sent Khloe into labour, and her daughter True was born the following day.

The aftermath of the drama was captured by the KUWTK cameras.

Khloe was seen explaining why she still let Tristan in the delivery room, saying that it wasn't right to deprive him or True of his presence at her birth despite what he'd done.

She didn't want to make such a permanent decision on a temporary emotion.

But her sisters weren't impressed with him being there.

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Khloe went into labour after finding out Tristan had cheated (Image: E!)

In the delivery room, Kim was seen miming cutting her throat and sticking her tongue out every time Tristan turned his back to her.

Imagine how awkward that whole situation would have been!

Cheating with Kylie Jenner's BFF

Khloe forgave Tristan after the awful cheating scandal.

But just over a year later, it happened again.

This time, his betrayal was even worse.

Not only did he cheat on Khloe, but it was with her sister Kylie Jenner's then-BFF Jordyn Woods.

Kylie and Jordyn were BFFs for years (Image:
Jordyn was part of the family (Image: E!)

Kylie and Jordyn had been best friends for years, and she was basically considered another member of the family.

Jordyn had ended up at a party at Tristan's house, where it's reported she was sitting on his lap and that they kissed.

Initially, it's said that Jordyn denied anything had happened and told Khloe in a phone call that she'd simply gone back to Tristan's house to keep an eye on him.

But Khloe said that Tristan admitted everything to her.

Jordyn later admitted on an episode of Jada Pinkett-Smith's Red Table Talk that something had happened, but that it was Tristan who kissed her.

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Khloe was left devastated (Image: E!)

She insisted she had done nothing wrong and broke down in tears as she recalled the events.

Jordyn was cut out of the family and Khloe dumped Tristan, seemingly for good.

He tried his best to win her back, showering her with expensive gifts and sending her enough flowers and balloons to fill her home.

But she made it clear that they'd be no more than co-parents and even lambasted other members of her family for inviting him over without her permission.

A third baby?

Now it's been reported that Tristan has fathered a third baby.

The Cleveland Cavaliers player has reportedly taken a paternity test after a woman claimed he got her pregnant after they slept together.

As well as True, Tristan is also dad to Prince, three, who he shares with ex Jordan Craig.

It's now rumoured she's expecting a second child with Tristan (Image: Getty Images North America)
Tristan is dad to True and Prince and has reportedly fathered a child with a third woman (Image: Instagram)

Khloe and Tristan started dating before Prince was born, and at the time, Khloe faced accusations she had 'stolen' Tristan away from his ex.

She denied it, saying they were fully broken up before she got involved with him.

According to Gossip of the City and Hollywood Unlocked, Tristan took a paternity test in January after a woman claimed she was the mother of his third baby.

It's said he used a relationship testing specialist, who is highly trusted by the Kardashians, to carry out the test.

But because of the association, it was alleged that he had tampered with the results, and he's been ordered to take another test, which it's said he's agreed to do.

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On a recent episode of KUWTK, Khloe was seen considering and going through the process of freezing her eggs.

She told her sisters Tristan had agreed to be her sperm donor.

And he left fans baffled when he told Khloe that True "needs a sibling", seemingly forgetting the existence of son Prince, who is of course, True's half-brother.

Now, True might have another half-sibling, and the question remains, has Khloe forgiven him once more?

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