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Fine autumn afternoon, bright skies...Typhoon Hagibis hits Japan

맑고 청명한 가을, 주말 일본 태풍 영향

Good afternoon, fall is a welcome time of transition in Korea. Leaves are changing colors... in fact, Mount Odaesan is experiencing its peak foliage period right now. Those of us in the central region will see the autumn colors from next week.
The breezy morning will warm up fast, leading to wide temperature differences, while the east coast will see light rain.
Meanwhile, Japan braces for Typhoon Hagibis. The mega-storm is the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane, and its eye alone is 55 kilometers wide. The typhoon is expected to strike wide areas of eastern Japan, including Tokyo, this weekend.
Due to the indirect effects of the typhoon, a high seas watch has been issued for waters off Jeju, while a strong wind advisory will be issued along the east coast. A high seas watch is projected to be issued soon for the East Sea and waters to the south of the peninsula.
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