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what happen to Google Docs and Google Drive down service ...

News -  Google Docs and Google Drive down service problems

Free google services like sheets, slides and drawings are reporting issues. Google docs and google driver not working situation happen

what happen to Google Docs and Google Drive down service problems

All around the world people facing many issues while working with Google Docs and Google Drive.

Detectors Detect the Huge spikes in service problem.

It seemed to begin having issues at around 6 pm on Monday.

Google web services, help users to use free word preparing, introduction and spreadsheet programming and utilise free.

Many people says that the error occurs while opening and the message is : "Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. Please try your request again later." Also,people unable to open the google services like google docs and google drive.

Thousands of people frustrated by this and took to twitter to vent their frustration at the service down issue.

A first tweeted: "Beginning Monday off with a task due in 3 hours and google drive is down."

Another stated: "Google docs is down right when I'm progressing in the direction of a 3 pm cutoff time on something I've been hesitating on and I think about what I'm attempting to state is, you win this time the results of my own behaviour.

Also, another Twitter client stated: "Google Docs is down! The world is finishing. Everybody return home, nothing left to do today."

Google has not yet remarked on the issue.

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