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One Possible Reason Why Elden Ring Was Not at The Game Awards 2020

The Game Awards hosted a variety of world premieres for some of gaming's most iconic giants, but Elden Ring's absence has fans worried.

Last night, The Game Awards 2020 aired and brought forth a plethora of world premieres and first looks for the next generation of gaming, as well as celebrated the accolades of this year's top games. While The Last of Us Part 2 winning Game of the Year called for celebration, the absence of FromSoftware's Elden Ring has fans worried.

Elden Ring is the next entry in the Soulsborne series, which first spawned with 2009's Demon's Souls and led to the Dark Souls trilogy, Bloodborne, and Sekiro. Every game in the series features brutal difficulty with dynamic combat and some of gaming's most feared boss fights.

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Elden Ring was first announced at E3 2019 as a collaboration between SoulsBorne director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, and fantasy novelist, George R. R. Martin. A collaboration of this caliber is inevitably going to stir up incredible hype among gaming enthusiasts and the rumors had been circulating that Elden Ring would be officially revealed at The Game Awards 2020, especially after Phil Spencer of Xbox announced he has played quite a bit of the ambitious dark fantasy RPG. Sadly, Elden Ring was nowhere to been seen, leaving fans confused and worried about the state of the game. However, Twitter user, AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem, posits that the game was unfortunately announced much to soon and only started development around the time of announcement.

On Elden Ring, I believe they announced it waaaay too soon. Basically to my understanding right when it really was starting dev, so I haven't personally been expecting it at any shows people keep getting their hopes up.

It'll resurface when it's ready.

— AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem (@AestheticGamer1) December 11, 2020

If this is to be believed, it could be quite a while longer before any official news about Elden Ring pops back up. And while it's almost certain that the game isn't ready to be shown off, it would be quite disappointing to hear that a game with this much ambition was announced so early on. Some fans have even resorted to making their own art, music, and a demo for the highly anticipated game.

It is not uncommon, unfortunately, for a game to be announced too early in its development cycle. Just this week, the long awaited Cyberpunk 2077 finally released after being announced nearly 8 years ago with a number of game breaking bugs that put a damper on the hype.

Only time will tell on when fans will get to see another glimpse of Elden Ring, with many current rumors speculating that the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down or even halted development. In these times, it is important to keep in mind that Elden Ring has a lot of expectations and FromSoftware is going to wait until they have something truly amazing to reveal.

Elden Ring is in development for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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