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'Barbie' trailer brings fun, fun, fun

So many Barbies, such little time.
CNN  — 

So many Barbies, such little time.

A teaser trailer for “Barbie” dropped Tuesday, featuring not only Margot Robbie as Barbie, but also Dua Lipa and Issa Rae as other Barbies.

The film, directed by Greta Gerwig, has a star-studded cast, including Ryan Gosling as Ken - at least one of the Kens.

In the trailer, we get the full-on Barbie world from the dream house to a convertible car.

Not to mention the Barbie and Ken love story.

Barbie | Teaser Trailer 2 Video Barbie | Teaser Trailer 2

“I thought I might stay over tonight,” Gosling’s Ken says to Robbie’s Barbie.

“Why?” she responds.

“Cause we’re girlfriend and boyfriend,” Ken replies.

“To do what?” Barbie asks to which Ken says, “I’m actually not sure.”

The film is being released by Warner Bros. which is owned by CNN’s parent company.

“Barbie” is set to open in theaters on July 21

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