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“Haven't Spent a Dime”: Millionaire Arnold Schwarzenegger Is ...

Bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger shows his gratitude to the members of his village as they have reached 310,000 in just 103 days.

It has been three and a half months since Arnold Schwarzenegger created a positive fitness corner online. Schwarzenegger has earned massive success with his notable content that attracted 310,000 people to subscribe to his newsletter, Arnold’s Pump Club, till now. In the latest edition of his newsletter, The actor showed his gratitude to all those people who joined the village. Moreover, the Austrian Oak also thanked his team that helps him bring regular content for the newsletter.  

Other than that, he also disclosed his past, current, and future plans and targets with his fans while thanking them for their support. In addition, he also made some promises to his subscribers. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s message to his subscribers

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In this case, this has been a two-way street. On one hand, people attain motivation from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s newsletter. On the other hand, Schwarzenegger gains inspiration from the responses he gets from his subscribers. Overall, it has been a tremendous initiative that has attracted an abundance of positivity in people’s lives. However, Arnold hit the milestone of achieving 310,000 subscribers in his newsletter. He came forward to thank everyone that has played a part in building it a successful initiative in just 103 days. 

While showing his gratitude in the latest edition of Arnold’s Pump Club, Schwarzenegger wrote, “I want to thank all of you. Because I knew we’d have a great time and it would be a lot of work, but I didn’t know how much joy I would get every day from your messages. I read everything I can. I love your tweets and your Instagram posts because I love hearing how we are helping you, but I know when you post in public, you’re out there helping to grow our little village.” Moreover, he also thanked Adam, who does all the research work, which eventually leads to the topics that people view to get their factually correct advice. Also, he thanked Daniel, who shared delicious recipes with Arnold, which he later shares in the newsletter. 

While writing the thank you note, he also proudly revealed, “And all the email experts told us we’d need to learn how to advertise to grow. We haven’t spent a dime! We will, eventually, but for now, it’s just us writing the content you love.” Interestingly, he also ended a debate that took place last month about Schwarzenegger’s roles in the memes he posts on his Instagram account. He cleared the debate as he thanked Noah for “making absurd memes, and all of you growing this village totally organically.” 

The legend also posted the newsletter’s screenshot on his Instagram, where people shared their reactions to his gratification.

The subscribers reacted to Schwarzenegger’s thank you note

Arnold Schwarzenegger is known and admired all over the world. Whether it is for acting, bodybuilding, or other social work that he does. As the globally known artist thanked the subscribers for their support, they reacted back to him with their love and experiences. Not only Arnold, Adam, and Daniel also received appreciation and thanks from the people. The subscribers wrote, 

“Thank you so much! It’s a fantastic way to start the day”

“Been getting the newsletters since Jan 1 … 90 meditations completed, 83 workouts done, nutrition (increased protein) and water intake much improved and taking creatine daily!! We love your village and the advice and information you share thanks Arnold, Daniel and Adam ????????????”

“I started following you on Instagram a few months ago, you are inspiring with your “tough love” attitude. Keeps me focused on the positive and what we all can do to help one another. TY”

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“Thank you Arnold for starting this newsletter in the first place. It’s inspired me to change things in my life, eat healthier, be healthier, get more exercise, loose some weight & build muscle. I just wanted to let you know you have made a difference in peoples lives & I know you will continue to do so.”

Whereas, one of the subscribers also had advice for Arnold. He wrote, “Weekly would most likely be better. Quality over quantity.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been doing commendable work for the people out there, struggling with their mental or physical growth. His newsletter helps people to remove the block they have in their lives and continues with their consistent hustle to make their lives better.

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In addition, now the same content is also available in audio on Spotify and Apple Music as well. Standing at 310,000 subscribers currently, Arnold also promised “that no matter how big we grow, it’s always going to be the village. We’ll just be the first-ever village with a population of one million.” 

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