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'Sopranos' Stars Share Favorite Memories of James Gandolfini on Show's 20th Anniversary (Exclusiv...

\'Sopranos\' Stars Share Favorite Memories of James Gandolfini on Show\'s 20th Anniversary (Exclusive) | Entertainment Tonight
Now Playing The Sopranos just turned 20 years old! On Wednesday, the cast of the landmark HBO showembled for a panel discussion to mark the anniversary at SVA Theater in New York, where memories abounded of James Gandolfini, the show’s larger-than-life leading man, who died tragically in 2013. “I feel like he never really knew how good he was,” Edie Falco, who played Gandolfini’s wife on the mob drama explained to ET. “He was so humble in the face of how great he was. He never really felt like he knew what he was doing… Such a powerful actor and such a powerful scene partner. But the humility added to just how much fun he was to be with.” Lorraine Bracco, who played Tony Soprano’s psychiatrist on the show, shared this fun comment about Gandolfini: “Oh yeah, he was a pain in my. There\'s no, ifs, ands ors about it. He was really naught
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